Our flat roof systems • always the right solution.

While inclined roofs automatically produce an inclination, in the area of flat roofs the appropriate substructure must be used to ensure the best possible orientation towards the sunlight.  For alignment and inclination we offer penetration-free aerodynamic flat roof systems as east-west elevation 10° and south elevation 10°+15°, which get by with relatively little ballast. The systems were tested in the wind tunnel and can therefore be calculated statically favourable. In addition, we also manufacture elevations individually according to customer requirements and drawings.

Since individual special features have to be taken into account for each roof, we would ask you to obtain expert clarification prior to installation. In particular, the static requirements must be taken into account. During the installation of the system, it must be ensured that the relevant standards and accident prevention regulations are observed.

It's the alignment that counts

The alignment of the PV system is adjusted to your needs by you or your solar installer. An east-west system is often installed if the generated power is to be distributed as best as possible over the entire day, e.g. to increase your own consumption. East-West systems have a good space utilisation and require less ballast than southern systems.

South elevations ensure that the maximum possible generation of a plant is achieved. We offer aerodynamic systems with 10° and 15° elevation angles with and without shading. If shading angles are taken into account in winter, fewer modules will fit on the same area, as the shading distance is greater than with a narrower version, which aims to get as many modules as possible on the available area.

Picture gallery of our flat roof mountings